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Zain Adeel
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Distribution In Synced Control

Collection 3:

  • OBS · Cover
  • MIX · Color
  • GLS · Clear


  • 8K / 4x
  • 16:10 | 16:9 | 4:3 | 9:20
  • Unique render per device type
  • Rendered in JPG

Each style is uniquely lit / composed / rendered per device type.

All wallpapers are created by Zain Adeel. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell them. Avoid piracy. I poured hours and hours in this work. If this is too expensive, message me, and we will figure something out.

©2023 Zain Adeel.

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Last updated Jun 23, 2023

3 wallpapers in JPG format and the highest resolution per device type.

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8K / 4x

D I S C · 3 · Wallpapers

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